Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wegmans (Part 2)

Even today, Wegmans still delivers. Unfortunately, not literally. I now have to drive at least 2 hours to get to a store, but that just makes me stock up on what I need when I get there. Even Don shares my obsession with Wegmans since we shopped there when we lived in Rochester. Not only do we load up on elusive Buffalo food stuffs, Wegmans house brand makes its way into our cart as well. That basically means chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and croutons. Love their croutons. Much to our dismay, however, one of our favorites was discontinued several years back: Wegmans Hot Ginger Ale. Maybe we were the only ones who bought it. It was good while it lasted. Oh, and if you need a savory snacks in between wineries while you're touring around the Finger Lakes, nothing beats a bag (or two) of Wegmans Memphis BBQ chips. I speak from experience. Definitely crave-worthy. Stock up on multiple bags so they're always there when you need them.

Mmmm... Wegmans Memphis Barbeque chips!

Wegmans, as I mentioned yesterday, is a destination. We actually go there for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner; friends even meet us there for a meal out. Breakfast at the Market Café is crazy good. Waffles, omelets, and eggs Benedict made to order. Then there’s the orange juice. Ask our friend Sean about the juice. We already have plans to smuggle some back here very soon! It’s fresh-squeezed and SO scrumptious. I don’t know what kind of oranges they use, but I bet they’re a special breed of oranges grown under close scrutiny especially for Wegmans in their privately-owned groves. The hot food bar also continues to impress. Asian fare galore- Chinese, Japanese and Indian. A great way to try different things and a perfect stop for lunch. Forget fast food. (Except for Mighty Taco!) I’m pretty sure you could eat every meal at Wegmans for a month and never have the same thing twice. A given Wegmans might have any combination of the following prepared food eateries: subs, panini, sushi, pizza, wings, burritos, rotisserie, soups, salads, pasta and pre-packaged meals to go. Those with a Market Café have tables and patios where you can relax with your yummy food. 

Too much. This place is seriously serious about food. Then again, so am I.

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