Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another trip back to Brussels...

... in my mind, anyway. Well, and stomach.

Go figure that even though I've been sick this whole week, my appetite never skipped a beat. I guess that's a good thing, right? I noticed a banana on the counter. It was one of those bananas on the verge of going beyond edible- more brown speckles than yellow. Probably better than scarfing down a pile of chips. Hmm... chips. There's a bag of chips... chocolate chips. Chocolate chips + banana = frozen chocolate covered banana! 

So I sliced that banana up and popped the slices in the freezer. I felt guilty about opening a new bag of chocolate chips just to melt enough to coat banana slices, but only for a mere second. I melted the chocolate, coated the banana slices and stuck them back in the freezer to set. Here's what I got:
Not the prettiest things, but really tasty!
Immediately I thought of being in Brussels this past Christmas. Jeff and Melissa have this pretty big refrigerator/freezer (by European standards) and, oddly enough, all that was in the freezer was a box of Oufti frozen banana slices. Though now that I think about it, knowing Melissa, it's really not that odd. One night we stayed in, watched movies and scarfed down Oufti bananas and strawberries for dessert. Not one complaint from any of us!

I had to post my inspiration for Melissa to see. This, in turn, inspired her breakfast of banana pancakes. (And a trip to the store for more Oufti!) 

The power of food...