Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pizza, Buffalo-Style

Every city, state, region and even country has its own style of pizza. Buffalo is not necessarily known as being world famous for its pizza, but it does have a style all its own. I suppose being geographically located between two major pizza cities- New York and Chicago- makes pizza from Buffalo a happy medium of the two styles. Almost like the Goldilocks pizza, not too thin and not too thick. It’s just right. For a city that’s not real pizza destination, there are certainly a lot of pizzerias. One on every corner. Maybe even two. At one corner, near where I grew up, there are actually 3 pizzerias.

Pizza, to me, is all about memories. Just like wings, pizza made an appearance at every celebration we ever had. Birthday = pizza. Sleepovers = pizza. Also like wings, we never took our pizza eating lightly. It was all about the sheet pizza. A huge rectangle of cheese, sauce and pepperoni, the sheet pizza never failed to fill you up. I can’t tell you exactly how big it was, but I’m thinking roughly the size of your average doormat. OK, maybe it seemed that big because I was smaller. The point is, it was huge! Comfort food at its best.

But how did it taste?

The dough: Soft yet slightly crispy, doughy and inexplicably tasty
The sauce: Not chunky, not sweet, just simply seasoned tomato sauce
The cheese: Lots of it!
Toppings: Only one mattered- pepperoni! I’m pretty sure I have eaten my weight in pepperoni several times over. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… is there?

Now that I live in the “New York Metropolitan Area,” all I can get is the insanely thin, fold-it-in-half-when-you-eat-it pizza. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes amazing. However, I miss the texture, the heft, the sheer volume of toppings. I wonder if anyone delivers across the state. Actually, Bocce’s Pizza does! Programming speed dial right now…