Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mighty Taco

By nature I’m not a fast food person. Mighty Taco, however, is a splurge for which I am willing to sacrifice my health and well-being. For some reason, I get the impression that Mighty Taco is at least more natural than other “leading taco restaurants” due to the fact that they are localized all of their locations in the Buffalo area. I like to think they have more control about what goes into the food and therefore it is better for me.

Nothing beats a Super Mighty burrito. The ingredients are not at all unique, but a Super Mighty is a great alternative to a typical greasy burger and fries. And it always tastes better the later you have one. After moving to Rochester, I never quite found a good substitute for Mighty Taco. I ended up working with a student who was attending UB; he quickly became my supplier. When he came home to Rochester to work weekends, he would stash away an extra Super Mighty for me. In turn I would reward him with the occasional pick of the bellman shifts.

Nowadays I don’t need a connection, though there is a Mighty Taco a half-mile from my parents’ house. Thanks to shipping advances and online technology I can now order a dozen or two beef and cheese burritos, thus keeping my freezer well-stocked for Mighty Taco emergency withdrawals. They’re not Super Mightys, but I guess they’ll do. I just wish they shipped loganberry, too!