Sunday, February 6, 2011


How can I talk about food from Buffalo and not start with wings? Notice I did not call them Buffalo wings. As we all know, a buffalo does not have wings. They’re just wings. What about “chicken wings?” Sure, why not? But now that I think about it, what other bird’s wings would they possibly be?

For me, wings conjure up memories of many a birthday party. Seemed like a no-brainer that if you were having a birthday party- or any celebration- you served pizza and wings. What did everyone else eat? I just can’t fathom anything else (other than a Carvel cake perhaps). My favorite wings were from Santora’s. If we didn’t bring them home, we ate there as an occasional special treat after church on Saturday. And none of this ½ dozen or dozen wings nonsense. Our wings came in a bucket. That’s right, a BUCKET! 50 steaming, saucy, juicy, meaty wings ready to serve their duty in life. Anyone also remember when you could get 5 or 10-cent wings? Those were the days!

Back in the day, they came in 3 flavors: mild, medium and hot. Maybe extra hot or suicidal, but no fancified flavors like teriyaki, BBQ, lemon pepper, honey garlic or anything like that. Wings are made with chicken and hot sauce. That’s it. I’m a complete purist. Granted I’ve been tempted by other intriguing culinary options, but I just can’t bring myself to break tradition. That’s why I’m getting ready to enjoy some classic chicken wings with celery and blue cheese (never ever ranch dressing!) tonight during the Super Bowl. Coincidence that this post landed on Super Bowl Sunday? Not at all. It’s just too bad the Bills aren’t in it… maybe next year!

By the way, here is the one and only recipe I’ve ever used: Frank's Red Hot Chicken Wings 

Wings with blue cheese and celery... game time!