Saturday, February 5, 2011

Buffalo Food

No, not the stuff they feed bison at the zoo. Buffalo, NY. The Queen City. The Nickel City. Home of the chicken wing!

I could easily ramble on about all that is delicious about Buffalo. Of course everyone knows about wings, but it is SO much more than that. Rather than one long essay about my favorites, each and every one will get its due in a separate post. They all hold a special place in my mind, my heart and my stomach. I make it a point to eat or stock up on them whenever I have the chance.

Here is what is on tap for Foodographic Memories:
  • Wings
  • Sponge candy
  • Pizza (not unique to Buffalo, but Buffalo pizza is unique)
  • The Friday fish fry
  • Bison chip dip
  • Ted’s Hot Dogs
  • Mighty Taco
  • Beef on weck
  • Loganberry drink
  • Wegmans
  • Tastykakes (not from Buffalo per se, but they have special meaning to me)
  • A nod to other Buffalo foods of note
  • Foods that snuck over the border, eh!

To most outsiders, Buffalo may not seem to have much. Buffalo may not have a winning Super Bowl team, a Stanley Cup winner or the best reputation for its weather, but it certainly has killer grub. Why else would websites exist to fulfill a Buffalo ex-pat’s food jones? There is a special bond that forms between a Buffalonian and his or her food. No matter how long you’ve been away, Buffalo is always home and you’re always proud to be from Buffalo.