Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last night, Don and I were out for dinner and one appetizer on the menu caught our eyes- truffled Parmesan frites. How could we say no? They arrived in a little basket lined with paper and a cup of garlic aioli with a drizzle of balsamic. Tossed with herbs, salty Parmesan, and LOTS of garlic these were scrumptious. (By the way, no vampires last night so I guess they did their job.) 

My apologies for not posting a photo. By the time I thought of it, they almost 1/2 gone! A little depressing note was that we only had one order and one sauce... On our most recent trip to Brussels, we ordered at least 8 cones and about a dozen sauces. I don't think anything can top our frite-fest, but this NY version certainly tasted good as it brought back fond memories. Speaking of which, we need more pickel [sic] sauce!!!