Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vintage Cookbooks

We spent the morning searching through yard sales, tag sales and a used book shop. Of course, we had to do lunch- fish 'n chips at the Merrie Olde Crafte Faire & British Festival. Awesome food aside, we came upon some vintage cookbooks that, if for no other purpose, shall provide some entertaining reading.

For a whopping $1 (US), we scarfed up 6 from the 1960s Better Homes and Gardens collection:
  • So-Good Meals "100 tasty ways to please your family! How to eat at home and like it!" (!)
  • Snacks and Refreshments "100 superb snacks- dips, nibbles, sandwiches, desserts, teatime tidbits"
  • Meals with a Foreign Flair "100 recipes from 18 countries! Main dishes, desserts, breads, salads- prize souvenirs from around the world!"
  • Meals in Minutes "Shortcut cooking, 180 recipes that BEAT THE CLOCK! Mealtime, on time, will be no problem!"
  • Cooking with CHEESE
  • And the piece de resistance... Jiffy Cooking!
 Once we were home, I realized there was a cookbook Don has had since before I even met him. The elusive Cookies and Candies:

We can't wait to see what memories will come back to us and possibly new food memories that await! I'll keep you posted...


  1. Thumbs up for Meals with a Foreign Flair's Curry Chicken!!

  2. The cookies and candies one is where a bunch of my mom's christmas cookie recipes come from -- still ahs her handwriting and grease splotches on the pages...