Friday, February 25, 2011


         Cereal was, is and always be my go-to breakfast. It's fun and it reminds me of childhood.
  • Life: My all-time favorite. I remember the smell of it when I would open the box. I still take a whiff whenever I open it. More than just a breakfast food, I used to just eat it as a snack without milk. In fact, I still do.
  • Frosted Flakes: Who doesn’t love Tony the Tiger? Frosted Flakes are classic; a simple cereal with just enough sugar to make it taste like you were eating dessert. They’re grrrrrrrreat!
  • Flutie Flakes: On a similar note, Flutie Flakes were Buffalo’s answer to Frosted Flakes. I still have my red and blue boxes; one remains unopened!
  • Honey Nut Cheerios: I vividly recall when I first had HNC. I was away at Girl Scout camp. At breakfast one morning there was this new (at the time) cereal. My friends and I proclaimed that it was the best cereal and went home to beg our moms to buy it for us.
  • Super Sugar Crisp: Here was a cereal that just put it all out there. No guessing as to what was in the box. Eventually the name changed to just Sugar Crisp, apparently losing its superhero status. Then, sugar became a bad word and the name was changed again to Super Golden Crisp, as they were back in good graces with the Justice League. Its current name is just Golden Crisp. This was the Post Cereal version of Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks. Again, sugar became evil and the cereal became known as Honey Smacks. Then they were just Smacks. (Really?) Now they’re Honey Smacks again. Despite all of these alter egos, one thing remains the same: I still enjoy a bowl now and then with my good friends Sugar Bear and Dig ‘Em.
  • Clusters: No childhood memory here, but a college memory. In my room at the Hotel Saranac dorm, I kept some food on hand for those times when institutional food just wouldn’t cut it. I always had a box of Clusters. One night I had a dream (nightmare?) about the squirrel from the commercial: he was chasing after me and trying to steal my Clusters! I know- scary, right? Yet I kept going back for more cereal. Had to show that squirrel who was boss.

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